Cost Of Lip Fillers

 PRICE’S START AT $399 per Ml

Nearly everyone who comes in wanting their lips done say,  “I don’t want to look like Angelina Jolie”.  A lot of people think their lips are going to be too large after the enhancement however usually their lips are smaller than they imagined they would be.

The standard amount injected to enhance lips is around 1 ml.  It is very unusual for a person to want two mls of filler. However, you can always build up on what you have had at any time after the swelling has settled down in two weeks time (most of the swelling goes after two to three days however there is a small amount of swelling for two weeks).

I occasionally like to do an half ampule to give a lovely, subtle and natural look to the lip, which is cost effective for people on a budget. (The cost is a little cheaper).

A small amount is injected into the lip line border and the Cupid’s bow is enhanced with a subtle ‘micropearl’ drop into the top of the central columns of the Cupid’s bow.  The central portion of the bottom lip is often augmented to give a slightly more voluminous look. Often this smaller amount requires no lip or dental block (some numbing cream beforehand is used) and the swelling is usually  minimal with a half ampule.  Indeed, people often can get this done at the end of the working day and be back at work the next morning.