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Lip Fillers & Enhancement – Melbourne

Lip Filler Injections or Lip Enhancement is non-surgical procedures that aim at restoring fuller, healthier looking lips and mouth areas. These procedures are becoming more popular in Melbourne amongst both, men and women as they recognise importance of having nice and healthy full lips.

Lip Injections are a cosmetic procedure and must be performed by a qualified practitioner. Lip Fillers are essentially Dermal Fillers that are manufactured to suit the purpose of Lip Enhancement and Lip Augmentation. Dermal Filler products have evolved over the years and now provide optimum safety with minimal risks to the patient’s overall health. Lip Filler Injections are now considered highly safe procedures.

Lip Enhancement Injections deliver the Lip Filler Gel into the lip areas using an ultra fine needle which minimises pain or discomfort. The Dermal Filler Gels we use is a natural bio-identical gel. This means that the gel is relatively safe and is well tolerated by our bodies. Being a bio-identical gel means that it is composed with identical characteristics to the natural gel produced by our bodies.

Lip Injections target the lip and mouth areas providing better and healthier look for the lips and mouth by adding volume to the lips, correcting the corners of the mouth and reducing gummy smile looks. Vertical line on the lips (known as smoking line) can be reduced or removed with enhancement. Our practitioners are experienced professionals who will be able to assess the best lip augmentation treatment suited for each case.

The majority of clients opt for a full Lip Filler Injection treatment which may involve injecting the fillers into the surrounding area of the mouth to correct the upper lip lines, fill the hollow areas around the mouth, lift the corners of the mouth and providing a more radiant and attractive look. There are several dermal filler products that are used for lip enhancement. The choice of the product relies on the case presented. Our practitioners will be able to assist you in selecting the most suitable product for your lip filler injections. The amount of dermal fillers used in lip enhancement are often small amounts and we strongly advise against over-filling. Using the correct amount of fillers means that the overall result retains your natural healthier and more attractive look.

Lip Filler Injection treatments are often completed within 30 to 60 minutes and can be performed with the aid of local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort. The treatment is well tolerated by the great majority of clients. In Melbourne, Lip Fillers can cost starts from $399 for one Ml depending on the type and amount of dermal fillers to achieve the desired results.

Call Lip Injections Melbourne today on 1300 854 553 to make an appointment for an assessment consultation by one of our lip injections specialists. Our practitioners will provide you with honest and realistic advice as to the suitability of the treatment for your case, realistic result expectations and the cost of your lip enhancement procedure.